secret lie

Pretty Little Lies

Have you ever stop to think, is there anything that we read, truthful? “Plato, in his Republic, helps give an answer. In this book, Socrates...

/ April 30, 2016

An Act of Kindness — Dutch Bros

Its been said that “A lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” this is the case with...

/ April 8, 2016

Christians — What’s the Best Diet?

If pasta is served at a specific venue, whether it be a church or at a public gathering, you’ll get some people that say, “Hey, I...

/ March 24, 2016

Road to Liberty

There are so many cases today where men and women have been wrongfully convicted. Some of these individuals spend months and years incarcerated, only to...

/ March 18, 2016

Apple — FBI Case is about…

Tim Cook met with Pope Francis a little over a month ago.  Some speculate that the meeting centered around Google and Apple’s digital wars, but I’d like...

/ March 8, 2016
what's Amazing about Grace

Grace Why it’s Amazing

Pauline was 11 the first time she was caught stealing. At that point, the police officer just took her aside, gave her a warning, paid for the...

/ February 14, 2016

Toxic water in Flint Michigan

Water is a vital source of life to all living things on our planet. Every single day we consume it, whether in the juice we...

/ January 29, 2016

Who is God: Sarina

Many of us expect God to show up in some earth shattering experience but the creator of all things doesn’t have to prove who is...

/ January 26, 2016
donnie Thoughts

Who is God: Donnie

The question: Who is God? is one that has been asked for centuries. There are those however who claim to know God but do they...

/ January 13, 2016

Take a Stand for Jesus

Christians everywhere speak about their commitment to Jesus but what does that mean? It’s easy to say I’ll take a stand when you have nothing...

/ January 10, 2016

Persistence Why it’s necessary

It’s easy for us to start the new year with big plans and enthusiasm but when faced with the reality of handwork we give up....

/ January 8, 2016

What is your Life?

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to...

/ December 18, 2015