About Joshua Network

Sharing Christ, Making Disciples

Capturing Stories

What we do?

Joshua Network is a Christian based network that presents the teachings of the bible through every day illustrations. We use the web as our platform and capture our content on location rather than constantly in a studio. We realize that we live in a world where media distorts the character of God, and we desire to promote these illustrations in a truthful manner in various ways.


Karlon Cromwell

In today’s busy world, Karlon, the founder of Joshua Network, keeps his heart steadfast in faith and his eye looking to God. Involved with media since 2005, Karlon uses his skills to share the message of Christ’s second coming.


Desmond Anthony

A young man who brings the Gospel to the everyman, Desmond has followed his desire to share God’s will in all life’s trials and tribulations, since his start in media back in 2007.

We Believe

The Gospel has the power to change lives. We create real, down to Earth content that shares that power, and helps show the Gospel in practice. With today’s modern technology, we’re aiming to empower people everywhere to create stories on the go. Since the stories that we capture happen out in the real world, we use our network to broadcast our content, but we shoot everything on location. The Joshua Network Studio Packs (JN packs) are lightweight kits that we distribute to trained individuals all over the country. Together, we can capture the real life testimonies of those willing to share their experiences with God.