Police Brutality — Racial Profiling 2016

It’s a tragic time we live in: where so many are dying with little to no justice. There are so many looking for peace and yet very few find it. It also seems christians today are more concerned about homosexual behavior than taking a stand for the killing of black men & women by police officers. These killings aren’t new but now somehow they are receiving more & more media coverage. The brutality and killings by so many police officers is a clear indication of the cold & dark state of the hearts of people everywhere.  Criminals today aren’t just dressed in plain clothes, they are often arrayed in uniform and appear to be public servants.  Some say these police killings are calculated because it’s primarily happening to blacks but is there more to these killings or is it just racial profiling?

NYPD  & Amadou Diallo

One of the most herneudous police shootings in America was Amadou Diallo. On February 4, 1999 he was shot 19 times right outside his New York apartment after 41 shots were fired by 4 police officers.


It’s clear that a change is what we need! However can this change come from legislation or does it need to come from the people? Amadou Diallo, Rodney King, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling are just some of the victims of the police brutality and murder and there are countless others. People everywhere are wondering when will this end? What will it take to make this stop?

Officer Nakia Jones

Nakia Jones a police office from Ohio responded to the adverse hate and bias view many have of police officers. Her message should really an eye opener for many, she makes it clear that not all police have a sadistic mindset.








Rather than hate those who inflict pain and take lives, we need to recognize the system and the mindset behind these people. Many are so caught up in the heat of the battle — us verses them  — that they remain blind to who the real enemy is. If we bring a change to the entire police system of the United States and bring an end to police brutality we win, right?

The battle goes far beyond our streets, it starts in our minds and takes form in the world around us.

Yet let us realize the battle wouldn’t be over. In order to beat this enemy we have to engage in battle every single day! We need weapons beyond mere guns and knives. The battle goes far beyond our streets, it starts in our minds and takes form in the world around us. Fear, greed, hate, envy, wrath, are some of the mental states that create division and problems not just for blacks living in the ghetto but for the entire human family.

Media Take out

We need to stop allowing the media to make us passionate and angry over a few of the countless insidious acts that happen everyday! We need to have passion fueled by love and a hate for evil. Recognizing that evil starts in the hearts of men and is then projected in their actions. As I write my heart goes out to the family and friends of Alton Sterling, he was not simply a victim of racial profiling but a a victim of hate. We need to understand that if we allow someone else to control our mental reaction to these crimes, we too can end up being fueled by hate. Let’s not be imitators of the crowd but instead set our own course and stick to it, no matter what. An injustice anywhere (no matter how small) is a threat to justice everywhere. We need to Start with a change of heart, the book of Philippians states the following: Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. what kind of mind is this? John 15:10 says he has a mind of love, Philippians 2:7 says he serves and looks to help others, we need to understand that our foundation for everything starts with us, the sooner we change the sooner things will change. 

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