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Sharing the Gospel

The Joshua Network serves as a media platform that shares the gospel of Jesus. As each year passes we are always looking at how we can improve and deliver our content to more people.  After 10 years of video production work – from choosing all the equipment, the weight and hours of setup time I have finally concluded that keeping things simple is best.




If you look at video production in 2016 you can clearly see  – everything is getting smaller but yet more capable. ENG (electronic News Gathering) use back packs all the time, but what’s different about our plan?  We aim to SHOOT, EDIT and DELIVER all from this pack. There will be no need for us to head back to a single location to create content it can be done anywhere With the Joshua Network Studio Pack we will have the tools to capture testimonies, life lessons and events that share Jesus.


At the core of Joshua Network is a drive to answer the question – who is God? The key to capturing these messages is quality both from the speaker and also the journalist. The tools we chose are then based on this criteria – the cameras are high resolution, the microphones, the audio recorders are clear and we aim to deliver the best


Panasonic Gh4  – A 4k Camera that’s very compact and records 4x the resolution of High Definition. The Gh4 is also quite affordable and provides great battery and excellent images.  This Camera will be used with members of the team in different parts of the United States as well as the world. Currently the ministry only has one Gh4 we will be using it for our first production in 2017. 

See video sample 1 / See video sample 2

The Canon 5D Mark II has been a tool we have used from since the beginning of our ministry back in 2012. It has played a major part in creating all the images for the Joshua Network Posters. We envision multiple groups creating posters each week and several cameras being available for them to do so. See below at for list of tools & future plans.



  1. Sony A7s II – 4K Camera that very similar to the Gh4 however with a larger sensor which helps in lower light.
    See video sample this camera will be used for more low light situation and start capturing footage for our
    members in the United States.
  2. Red Weapon – 8K camera that will be used at one of our main locations. It will cover testimonies, documentaries
    and create content beyond web delivery. For more Details on the Red Camera click here.


  1. Zoom H6 Recorder – These sound recorders will be used in conjunction with our 4k cameras (both the Gh4 / A7s II) They provide good sound with portability.
  2. Sound Devices 664 Recorder – A higher quality recorder with 6 connectors for multiple devices and will be matched with the Red Weapon Camera. For more details on the Sound Devices 664 click here.
  3. NTG 3 / EW 100s – The key to great video presentation is sound as people don’t just watch a movie they listen watch, so to neglect sound would be a grave mistake. These microphones will be used for all  the cameras we use.