What is hidden within Your Music?

Music is a powerful tool and can be used to accomplish great things. On a daily basis it’s being used as therapy for individuals with a variety of disabilities. Even when we were kids we have used music to learn the Alphabet. Many can’t even recite their ABC’s without humming that alphabet tune.

What is hidden within your music?

During my high school years I used music as a place of comfort. The songs I’d listened to helped me to cope with experiences of life.  For example when I moved from New York to Michigan I spent a lot of time listening to music I brought with me from New York. Those songs reminded me of my family and friends back in New York. However, there are many people who just listen to music and fade away into their thoughts and emotions without ever thinking about the impact the songs have on them. If we stop and think, we’ll realize music is often used as a tool to evoke our emotions. Such as when we throw birthday parties or attend funerals. This is especially apparent on the score of a movie. For example during the climax where the hero or heroine are holding on for dear life some 100 stories above. The music helps express the emotion of the moment. Like how it intensifies the fear and the anticipation in a horror film.

For me, singing sad songs often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open into the light, out of the darkness. – Reba McEntire

There seems to be a song for every occasion. This makes sense because the majority of artists write about their experiences. Which should force us to think who’s feeding us their life story? We all have our problems yet when we put our music on we take on the stress and psyche of the artist as well.

Music is the shorthand of emotion

Leo Tolstoy

While I have explained the power and influence of music here is a clip from “The Forerunner Chronicles” on music.

I have a passion for music and over the years I’ve listened to a wide variety but I’ve realized that just as music has the power to control emotions it can also control our reasoning and as a result my choice in music has changed. Choose your music wisely because if it can influence your thoughts it can help shape the way you see the world around you.

 Music invites Spirits

Here is another clip from David Gates where he breaks down how evil spirits can enter churches.

Music is often perverted to serve purposes of evil, and it thus becomes one of the most alluring agencies of temptation. But, rightly employed, it is a precious gift of God, designed to uplift the thoughts to high and noble themes, to inspire and elevate the soul. It is one of the most effective means of impressing the heart with spiritual truth.

Ellen White

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