Persistence Why it’s necessary

It’s easy for us to start the new year with big plans and enthusiasm but when faced with the reality of handwork we give up. The truth is Persistence isn’t easy. There are many steps that will help us stay on track but they all require perspiration. The Bible calls this process diligence. In Proverbs 10:4 we get the picture that diligence pays off but realize to be diligent and persevere we have to understand our why. How often do we find people pursing a purpose without a reason? We can easily set a new years resolution for weight loss but why? Would your purpose for weight loss simply be to impress a friend or to scratch it off your todo list? Whatever your reason is know that your why affects your how.

Inquoris Johnson also known as “Inky” is a University of Tennessee football player turned author. When I first heard of Inky Johnson I was browsing youtube and found this video:

Inky’s life story goes from bad, worst then good and is a true example of persistence. When it comes to persistence many people neglect to have their reason(s). The bible says plainly where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 28:18) The latter part of the verse says: he that keeps the law happy is he. God’s law is Love and without his love driving us we cannot consistently hit the mark. When we work for ourselves day in and day out it’s so easy to take a day off because ultimately that’s what we want. However when we goto work out of love for family or our spouse things change. It’s important to remember that Love isn’t a spark or impulse love endures, love is lasting and true love only comes from God.

Tougher than You

Inky’s father made a very clear point when he said to him (see above video) there will come a point and time when you hit a piece of adversity that’s a lot tougher than you. When we go through those moments it’s our natural tendency to give in but those are the times we have to pull closer to God. James 4:8 says that if we draw close to God he will draw close to us it’s that simple. If we allow him to get close, his love has a way of melting away our adversities.

When to Quit

Whatever we decide to do, whether to persevere or quit, understand that choice will affect those around us. We need to understand that quitting is a habit that might affect you now but later it will affect the one’s you LOVE! Obviously there are things we need to quit such as bad habits, and bad company but giving up on a goal that brings value isn’t an option. Persistence is a process, and the results you receive will spill over into other areas of your life. In essence one good habit feeds another, just as one bad habit brings on more negative results. The more we feed our values the more they grow and ultimately we’ll become stronger, wiser, more loving and begin to show that we’re God’s children.

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