Blessings in Bible studies

There is nothing more beautiful in coming together with other individuals who desire to grow into the knowledge of Jesus Christ through Bible study. There has been a quite a decent amount of lessons learned in having them.

Stemmed from our usual small group bible studies on Monday in home and local. It was decided to extend invitations of our bible studies to others who are not able to join us locally.  Technology certainly has its place and time, when most needed. After winning a $400 gift certificate for Best Buy, a place where one can purchase electronic, computer devices etc, I decided to dedicate this laptop to the Lord primarily for ministry purposes.

Of course, one can never replace personal touch, in the era that we are living in, and in reaching out to others who have a thirst to study and to connect with others across the nation, we have been having our weekly studies thus far on Daniel and Revelation.


Feedback was given how many were blessed including myself, and in initiating this others would be compelled to start their own small group bible study in their local regions.  In a time like this is so imperative and needed to understand the times that we are living in. Who knows, perhaps this can be an initiative of Joshua Network to host a study on these two important books. Many Christians may feel intimidated in leading such a study, or perhaps shy out in thinking they are not qualified to lead, teach or take the time to study these books for themselves, I believe sincerely that God does not called the qualified, but qualifies the called. All who are capable in exercising the brain and expanding the understandings of what is to many a “mystery” book.

My prayer is that as these studies continue, that we will internalize what lessons we can draw from these books and internalize also the blessings in bible studies. For it is another way of getting better acquainted with each other, but most importantly with our Savior.

Bible studies are essential especially it fortifies our faith, affirms our faith, and it is a constant reminder of Whom we believe.

God is indeed an awesome God, and what I love about His word is that it is never stale, always fresh and new, baked from the oven. Every time we open the Bible to read, we are yet to discover new treasures and new gold in the same passages! Most importantly, its life changing power and impact in our lives!



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