Entrepreneurship and the Christian

The Signs of the Times

It requires more grace and discipline of character to work for God in the capacity of mechanic, merchant, lawyer, or farmer, carrying the precepts of Christianity into the ordinary pursuits of life, than to labor as a minister of Christ, where one’s position is understood, and half its difficulties obviated by that very fact.
It’s amazing that most people plan their vacations better than they plan their lives, seems it’s true, we are creatures of habit. It takes a new mindset to break free from the norms of culture and for Christians (or disciples of Christ) there is no difference. When you think about how much negativity and frustration there is on a daily basis, is it possible to maintain christian values? Is it possible to have a job or business and follow Jesus? When I say follow, I mean in every way from keeping appointments to how we treat our clients & co-workers. The bible does says James 4:4: friendship with the world is enmity with God but there has to be a way to strike a balance between entrepreneurship and the Christian.

 Entrepreneurship and Christianity

There are quite a few Christian businesses in our world today, although I’m not sure how vocal they are about their practices because you find more and more that people are intolerable towards Christians. However this list of Christian companies are standing tall despite the odds.

Based in Atlanta this ministry features freshly pressed juice and organic natural foods. Check out their website here

Based in California Foodforlife has been a staple bread in my home for many years. This baking company has an assortment of baked goods and actually the recipe for their Ezekiel bread actually comes from the Bible, you can read all about this story on their website. Foodforlife is a another great example of Christian Entrepreneurship. Check out their website here

Alaskan Airline considered on of the largest carriers as far as passenger airliners use to include a prayer card with all of their in flight meals. However 2012 they stopped due to the many complaints of passengers. The airline still holds true to its Christian values and serves thousands everyday.

Actions speak

As was stated before Christian businesses are often frowned upon by people everywhere. The idea that a few bad apples spoiled the bunch seems to be the motivation behind all the fuss. I’ve read recently (won’t name the source) that Forever 21 (another alleged christian organization) was forcing it’s patrons to be “Christ-like” by placing  John 3:16 on their bags. I really don’t see how that forces anyone to do anything, well perhaps a reminder of God is enough to drive some people over the edge still that doesn’t make any sense.

In any case Entrepreneurship and the Christian is a subject every christian should look into, because where sharing it (God’s Love) isn’t welcomed showing (God’s love) will reach further than words ever can.  John 13:35

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