Manage Your Health with NewStart

NewStart is an acronym to help us all remember the key ingredients to a healthy life. One of the greatest aids in perfecting pure and noble characters… is sound physical health.

Proper nutrition is the foundation of good health and recovery. Cooking classes, meals, and cookbooks all demonstrate the variety appeal, and satisfaction of whole plant food vegetarian cuisine. In addition physicians explain the issues that link nutrition with health or disease in their lectures.

Action is a law of life. Muscle tone and strength are lost without exertion, but exercise improves the health of body, mind, and spirit multiplying vitality and health. Exercise therapy includes outdoor exercise, treadmill evaluations and Stretchercise. The many trails through beautiful surroundings beckon you to walk, walk, walk, but indoor exercise equipment is available.

The body requires water constantly. Most of this water is recycled within the body itself. However, it must have a replacement of eight glasses of water per day. Cleansing of waste material is a daily task for the body, not only from its own wastes, but from the constant bombardment of germs and viruses, and in today’s society, from chemicals and drugs. If the body is not thoroughly cleansed, it is forced to break down. “Water is the best liquid possible to cleanse the tissues…. Drink some, a little time before or after a meal.

The sun is the established energy source ordained by God to sustain the cycle of life for plants and animals. Abundant in California, sunlight is supremely important for the body’s metabolism and hormonal balance.

Using good things moderately and avoiding the bad is obviously wise, yet often hard to practice. Temperance can be neither bought nor earned, but is rather an important gift of God, a “fruit of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22, 23). Moderation in all things is a thread woven throughout the fabric of NEWSTART® Lifestyle programs.

The body’s most essential resource is air. More important than food or water, proper breathing and pure air are fundamental to good health. Fresh, clear mountain air surrounds the beautiful natural environment of Weimar Center.

Restoration requires rest because sleep allows the body to renew itself. Many types of rest are important for health, but the sweetest rest follows labor. “Early to bed and early to rise” is a vital NEWSTART® principle, and a healthy lifestyle makes this principle easier to maintain.

Trust Divine Power
Directly linked to physical health (Proverbs 3:5-6), trust in God is a gift leading to right choices.

Karlon Cromwell

Co-director and founder of Joshua Network. He enjoys sharing great content with others especially things of God. He specializing in media and technology and believes that ministries should always find new ways to share the gospel.

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