Weeks into her first pregnancy

February 2001 – my wife, 20-24 weeks into her first pregnancy, I knew something had gone wrong.

Her cervix had started to open.  We rushed to the hospital where we were told that the baby would be born within the next 72 hours.  They brought in all types of specialists to talk with us and prepare us for the hardships we’d face: one – that he, we knew we were having a boy, may not survive, and two – even if he did, the chances of him being severely brain damaged where significant.   While they talked to us, all I thought was, ‘please leave, I just need to pray.Once they left, my wife and I prayed – we poured out our hearts to God.  I remember my prayer, it was a simple one.  “Father, you know all things.  You’ve heard what the doctors had to say, but we know you can do all things.  Please let my wife go full term and that our son be healthy.  However, in your wisdom, if you see fit that she does not, just give us the strength to deal with whatever situation you see fit.  Amen.”  Over the next few days, my wife’s cervix closed back up – and she was released from the hospital.  She had to go on bed-rest, but she went full term.


We picked a name that will always remind us of God’s love towards us.  Ose – pronounced like (oh-shea).  It’s a Nigerian word that means “Thank you.”  When my son was born I told God, “Every time I call my son’s name – I’m telling you, thank you.”  Ose BaBa – “Thank you Father.”

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