Many of us expect God to show up in some earth shattering experience but the creator of all things doesn’t have to prove who is is to anyone. Whether we believe in God or not – God reveals himself to countless lives everyday. The question is are any of us paying him any attention? Watch as Sarina shares her encounter with God while on the campus of Oakwood University.

Steps to Christ
Nature is God’s first missionary. Where there is no Bible there are sparkling stars.
Where there are not preachers there are spring times… If a person has nothing but nature, then nature is enough to reveal something about God. ― Max Lucado
“Many are the ways in which God is seeking to make Himself known to us and bring us into communion with Him. Nature speaks to our senses without ceasing. The open heart will be impressed with the love and glory of God as revealed through the works of His hands. The listening ear can hear and understand the communications of God through the things of nature. The green fields, the lofty trees, the buds and flowers, the passing cloud, the falling rain, the babbling brook, the glories of the heavens, speak to our hearts, and invite us to become acquainted with Him who made them all.

Nature Lessons

Our Saviour bound up His precious lessons with the things of nature. The trees, the birds, the flowers of the valleys, the hills, the lakes, and the beautiful heavens, as well as the incidents and surroundings of daily life, were all linked with the words of truth, that His lessons might thus be often recalled to mind, even amid the busy cares of man’s life of toil. God would have His children appreciate His works and delight in the simple, quiet beauty with which He has adorned our earthly home. He is a lover of the beautiful, and above all that is outwardly attractive He loves beauty of character; He would have us cultivate purity and simplicity, the quiet graces of the flowers. If we will but listen, God’s created works will teach us precious lessons of obedience and trust.”

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