Passing the Gay Rights bill

Because Gay Rights is such a hot topic – this is what I’m discussing, but know that the problem is much deeper than that. This is not, my opinion that certain behaviors are wrong. If you disagree with me, understand your issue isn’t with me, it’s with God and his principals. God is not just against homosexuality, he’s against premarital sex (fornication – no matter what sexual preference you have), adultery, lying, stealing, killing, keeping of Sunday as the Sabbath instead of Saturday, drunkenness, smoking, drugs, etc. So, this is not gay bashing – it’s law abiding – God’s law. It’s a stance against all that is biblically wrong… with homosexuality being the second to last straw.

Achan’s Family

Throughout history, from a biblical perspective, we see how God has dealt with sin. When the sin is relegated to an individual, often times, it’s that individual and their immediate family that suffers – notable exception would be Achan (joshua 7:10-26) – where the entire Israelite army suffered a defeat – though my point is still valid – in the end – Achan and his family had to bear the cost of his transgressions.


There are, despite what people want to believe, differences in the initial punishment for sins and transgressions. For example, a thief when caught would have to restore that which he’s stolen and also four times as much. If a man was caught sleeping with a woman who was not married, they had to marry, adultery, bestiality, and homosexuality all resulted in stoning – death. Now, I say, initial punishment because in the end, all un-repented sins, no matter how big or small it may seem, taking a candy bar from a store without paying, to cheating on your taxes, etc… in the end they all will result in exclusion from heaven and cause a person to end up where only Satan and his angels where to be – hell.

All this is a longwinded way of saying, Of all the sins that God does not like, homosexuality and bestiality, are at the top of the list. Why? Because we are taking what is holy, or bodies (remember – God’s spirit lives in each of us – and because of his presence in us – we are holy), and desecrating it in a manner that is of the utmost disrespect to God. “Let us make man in our image…” That was the conversation between God and Jesus. To then turn around and take what is a representation of God and defile it is blatant, in your face, disrespect for the authority and power of God.

A Temple

To further my point on how much God abhors this sin, look at the two instances in the bible when God got angry. Sodom and Gomorrah and the Temple with the Money Changers in it. God rained fire down on Sodom and Gomorrah because of the sexual immorality in that city – homosexuality was prevalent – so much so that when Lot thrust his young daughter out to the men gathering around his house and told them to do with her as they pleased, the men, young and old, said, “No, send us out the men so we may have sex with them.” When Christ saw how the temple, made of wood and stone was being disrespected – because of what it represents – a place where man and God can connect – Jesus made a whip, beat and threw out those who defiled the temple.

So, taking those two examples – how do you think God feels when America stands up and declares that ‘same sex unions’ are ok? This is bad, because it’s just another straw upon the back of the camel and it’s getting to the point where it will break. All that’s left is the Sabbath (Saturday).

Presentation by Doug Bachelor sharing what the Bible states

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