I had just lost my job at a local health food store, after working there for almost 3 years. The funny thing is I was ready to leave but I didn’t know where I’d be going. There were a number of challenges for the owner and everything seemed to be approaching a climax. In the end the City Marshall came in and shut everything down, apparently the store owner had not paid his rent in months.

The Shut down

It was at that moment I began to think, now what am I going to do? I didn’t have a plan B or did I? It turns out months before this even happened I got really complacent at the job, I began to jot ideas down on a little notepad I carried to work each day.

Put to the Test

In the end I finalized on starting a video production company known today as C-WELL PICTURES. Even though I had a pretty good idea of the direction I wanted to go the idea had never been tested. I suppose I was still comfortable with getting paid every week vs. going out and finding clients.



It wasn’t an easy process for me I felt certain I’d never lose my job, after all the company needed me. I did just about everything from serving customers, serving food, and stocking shelves. I wasn’t planning on giving up though, but I expected God to provide another job before I losing that one. So Where is God When We Hurt? How can something he gives be taken away so quickly, without any hope in sight?

It’s amazing how that moment of losing my job, brought out the reality that I had to now goto work on my plan. I didn’t know the 1st thing about getting clients, let alone how much to charge them. All I knew was I had a desire, a computer, a camera  and no money.

Weekend Series

About 2 weeks after the incident at my job I heard of a Weekend Revival at a local church, I asked if they could pay for the materials I needed to record the services it turns out they were unable to give anything. So I took what little I had and I went to work. That event turned out to be the starting point to my production company, I was able to earn money for the next 3 months selling the 12 DVD set to the members of the church.There’s something about pain and suffering that gives birth to new ideas. Jim Rohn once said “life and business is like the change of season.” If our trials were a season it would be winter and many of us are rarely prepared for the winter season much less the winters in our lives.I’ve had many encounters in my 30+ years of life and I am now able to look back at those moments and learn.

Two Bible verses come to mind when dealing with the stress and drama Psalm 37:25 & Isaiah 40:30-31 those verses remind me that the failure or loses we experience are at times opportunities for us to develop, to grow, to build. So when I consider where was God when I lost my job, well I see now that he had already placed the desire inside me to leave, he was just waiting for me to step out and make it a reality.

In the following clip Mike Huckabee talks about Sandy Hook and where was God at this horrific event.


Character Building

“None who receive God’s word are exempt from difficulty and trial; but when affliction comes, the true Christian does not become restless, distrustful, or despondent… Remembering the tender mercies of the Lord, we should cast our care upon Him, and with patience wait for His salvation. Through conflict the spiritual life is strengthened. Trials well borne will develop steadfastness of character and precious spiritual graces.”

Christ Object Lessons

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